Videos for BittWare

I have produced a number of videos for BittWare on the company YouTube channel here: BittWare YouTube. Highlights are below:

FPGA Board Tour: A10P3S

This is a product overview video done by collaborating with sales on how to pitch a product that’s a mix of features at a low price. I worked with Tyler to draft the highlights, shot the main footage and B-roll on a single day in the main conference room.

VU13P First Look

For this video I chose the working lab environment to help the viewer see a bit of behind-the-scenes at BittWare.

Explaining FPGA Acceleration

This demo video was designed to really give a clear picture of just how powerful FPGA acceleration is, plus explaining in simple terms the particular application. I worked with another staffer to help set up the shots and get the demo running in one of BittWare’s labs.