White Paper on Sapphire Growth Technology


When I started at ARC Energy, a white paper was already nearly complete. However, instead of releasing it simply as a white paper, I envisioned a series of white papers called “CHES Foundations.” This would position ARC as having many things to say about their area of expertise. After successfully pitching the idea internally, I quickly completed the first installment.Here you’re seeing the second installment of this series. I called this “Sapphire That Scales” as it shows how ARC’s products are able to perform for larger production sizes, which is a key need for the company’s industry. I wrote everything, created all the diagrams, and had the white paper translated into four additional languages.

Tap here to download the white paper as a PDF.

The white paper uses a series of diagrams and persuasive writing to make a concrete case for ARC’s CHES furnace product. I used Excel to calculate several tables and Illustrator to handle the diagrams.

Since ARC’s customers are primarily in Asia, I also handled having this white paper translated into four additional languages. Since I laid out the white paper myself, I could also save the expense of having a translation firm do the layout. In addition, that meant I could keep tight control over the final product. Each language version has the same look and feel, even though the word count is very different.

This white paper resulted in multiple marking benefits for ARC in potential sales meetings and press coverage. It also was the foundation for a 3,000 word article I wrote for the February 2013 issue of LEDs Magazine. ARC management was thrilled to get this coverage and be able to spread the CHES brand in such a favorable way.